M A C E The great journey of my life

M A C E The great journey of my life

Here come to the almost ending of this course, which I call this as a learning journey in design thinking or designing a business module. I think it is like when you reading a book you like you love and enjoy then you don’t want it to come to the end same as this journey for me. However there are some people say that “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching” and I rather to follow that one.


Looking back to the beginning of this journey, this module is one of essential course for MACE, in other word is MA in Creative Economy. It’s about design thinking and entrepreneurship that you are not only learns how to create a business, learning with lesson and theory but also experience it in practice.

Our classmates are from different country with various backgrounds It gives opportunity for us to work with people from background and perspective and it’s like a good experience to border my mind and got to know new culture.

At first, I have heard about the word ‘design thinking’ but I don’t know what does it mean exactly. Thus I tried to find what is it about and I found that it is about ‘Be Empathic’. This could be my first step into the design thinking that I will talk about it later on.

The most important thing about this module is we have a chance to accomplish a real business project by creating a company as entrepreneurs. The process of creating a business it has to utilize the concepts of design thinking that allow us to use this the opportunity to put the theories and things we learn into practice. It turns to be the most challenging part in this module that we learnt valuable experience from it.

Although reflecting on the experiences I have got for the past year is a bit hard because there are various range of feeling, emotions, unforgettable experiences that have crossed my path, I would like to share this learning experience journey of this course that will focus on the design thinking and concepts of it that adaptable to designing a business project like something that valuable as my precious.


What I have collected from this journey

Be empathetic

Design thinking is directly related to empathetic According toTim Brown, who is a CEO and president of IDEO, provided that ‘Empathy is at the heart of design’. If we do not understand of what others people see, feel, and experience, design will be a pointless task.

Be empatheticis about try to understand what people really value. By doing this, it will lay the foundation for more intuitive design. We have learned the process of thinking for design, which concern about customer or user, business style and technology to create the best efficiency solution for that problem effectively and of course creatively

Lean Startup Experience 

In the first class of this course with Ewei, we had workshop experience about ‘Leas Stratup’ to explore how digital and physical experiences can be designed together in order to enhance customer experiences in a public space in other word is we learned thy way to connected digital experiences to customer

This video is a talk by Feynman Chaser about The Key to Science. In conclusion from Chaser and scientific evidence theory, it is about

  • Guess
  • Consequence
  • Experiment

However, later on Eric Ries, who is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author recognized for exploring the lean startup movement, a strategy for startup new business, which directs startup, organizations to allocate their resources as effectively as possible. He concluded about lean startup that it about

  • Assumption
  • Validate
  • MVP Minimum Viable Product

From Chaser (1964) and Ries (2011), the Lean Startup gives a scientific approach to making and conducting startups and getting a product that they want in order to help customer solve the problem to customers’ hands quicker. Ewei also provided in the similar way that Lean Startups use validated learning,scientific experimentation, and iterativereleases to deliver products and servicesthat accurately meet customer needs withthe minimum of initial funding.


We learned to Understand customers and their needs, which was divided in different sector. In term of demographic, cultural and behavioral shift, we get to know trends and opportunities from this one that

  • People are changing – due to various shifts
  • People have diversity of interests
  • People have generational differences
  • People rely on technology
  • People need to communicate
  • People like mobility

When expectations of people are changing

  • Self-service
  • Customization
  • Personalization
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Location awareness

How people interact with brands and organization is changing

Feedback and participation

  • Crowd-funding
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Networks and partnerships
  • Arts education changes

How people interact with each other is changing

  • Digitally-connected customers
  • Membership and community
  • Sharing spaces, stuff, and skills
  • Social experience of culture
  • Co-creation

And as Popper (1959) said whenever we propose a solution to a problem, we ought to try as hard as we can to overthrow our solution, rather than defend it. – Karl Popper (1959), philosopher

Sharing understand

The picture below can explain how we can understand the same thing.

Screen Shot 2557-04-23 at 4.03.51 PMScreen Shot 2557-04-23 at 4.03.43 PM

Screen Shot 2557-04-23 at 4.03.59 PMScreen Shot 2557-04-23 at 4.04.08 PM

Wolf Olins

In my learning journey it is not only in classroom but we also had a chance to learn outside of the box, change some environment and surrounding. We went to Wolf Olins, which we had our first presentation for our business and it was very exciting for everyone actually. What we have learned is that ‘brand’ is a platform for action and brand is about what you do, not what you say. They teach us how will we use brandto enable peopleto live better lives by provided a case study held by them. As Claire Davenport, who is a Chief Commercial and Marketing Director said that Wolf Olins lead us to emphasize on what was important anddifferentiating, which got everyone on the same page, especially given it was before we even had a strategy.It is on the wall where the product team works,to remind them everyday what the product has to beand lenses to look at it through.

When you become starters there have some important thing you should think of

1. What needs are you fulfilling and how?

2. How is what you’re doing different and special from the competition?

3. Is it aspirational enough? Is it a project or is it

a business?

4. Is it realistic? Do you have the resources and capabilities to pull this off?

5. How will it be self-sustaining?

From Wolf Olins, weend up with a thoughtful quote by Sir Ken Robinson that

“If you are not prepare to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original” – Ken Robinson


As a part of creative economy, we were educated about marketing strategy in order to use this knowledge for our startup business and aid to design a workable marketing approach for the business. Not only Corrine who teach us but also Catherine who play an important role for our marketing knowledge. We learned about Consumer segmentation mapping, behavior segmentation and also how to target and positioning for our product properly.

Screen Shot 2557-04-24 at 3.05.04 AM

Positioning is the choice of a target market, in other word is where do we want to compete, and a differential advantage, in other word is how do we wish to compete.

Positioning begins with differentiating the company’s offer. Positioning aims at creating a meaningful and distinctive space in the mind of the target consumers.

“Positioning is not what you do to your products. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect” – Ries and Trout

The value proposition

The Value Proposition is the reason why customers turn to our company over another. It solves a customer problem or satisfies a customer need. The Value Proposition is a bundle of benefits that a company offers customers. Thus, every single company or business should concern about what is their value proposition.


Networking has played an important part in this module even now I am writing a reflective essay through the blog online. We have create online account such as Twitter and Linkedin, which help us increase more network and contract to opened more opportunity to be able to approach our future accomplishment by using social media platform. Especially for Business, Networking is a very valuable method to widen your knowledge, we learn from the case when others people being successful, attain new costumer or clients and we can also tell others about your business without spending any money in some popular social media channel which could be the major advantage.


With a stimulate group of business starter comes a profusion of opportunities. There are always huge opportunities that come from being MACER and having networking and factually this is where the advantages of business networking are so big. This course create opportunities for example joint ventures and when we have networking it operates opportunities to leading client or customer to us, having partnerships, investing business or asset sales etc. and I think the opportunities that has been created by networking are unlimited. We will find a really great benefit if we just assure that we are jumping on board with the right opportunities and bare in mind that it is not that good to jumping into every opportunity that pass through our journey. The opportunities that we and our business get involved in should arrange and align with our business vision and goal, otherwise we might find that we are spinning our wheels chasing after it after opportunity and going nowhere.


It is not about what you know, but it is about who we know. This is very true in business term. If we want to have a truly successful business, we need to get a good source of connected connections in our network that we can depend on when you want them. Networking gives us a good source of connections such as linkedin, and it really opens the chance to talk to people who have highly influent that we wouldn’t or else be able to chat to or find that easy in both online and offline. It’s not about with only that person who we are networking directly because that person will already get a network that we can step into as well. Thus ask the right things to seek out if the person we are networking with will knows someone we want to know!


When we meet like-minded business people to talk to also create the chance to get advice from them on things that related to our business or even our life and getting that beneficial work-life balance, which is not only from business owner but also from teacher. However, sometime it might be better to just make sure that we are obtaining trustworthy advice or suggestion from the right person who are somebody that really knows what we should to know and not just providing their opinion about something that they actually have very little or have on experience in.


I can say that the people that we are hanging around with and talking to do effect who we are or what we do sometimes, thus it is good to be surrounding ourselves with positive, optimistic, uplifting people who help us to grow and succeed. We are not only get positive influence but we can also be Satisfied from helping others. This course is a fantastic way, which allows us to do this. We will see people have issues or problems within their business or even their life that need solving and there is good satisfaction from aiding somebody to untangle problem they have and receive fantastic result from it.

Finally, this one is might be more personal connected more than business connected; however it is a enormous benefit none-the-less. Many friendships come form accordingly of this cause we regularly chat meet and help each other, then it turn out to be strongly natural friendships that has been formed. It is the strongest friendships have been enabled from this course.


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Are you ready for pitching?!


When you got idea or business then the almost final step that most of people have to face is ‘pitching’.

For my designing a business course as well, wee need to present and pitch our idea many times. Thus, knowing some tips about pitching and presenting help you business go through very well. Since you might be a new business owner in the future, you are unavoidably to meet people who could help you business to be successful. Sometime it is at an official investor that you have to pitch your idea that took months to set up or a chance. Nevertheless, presenting your startup can be tricky business that you want to gain interest and excitement, still without going over the top and turning people off with too much desperation and wordy descriptions.

Here are tips suggested by Nellie Akalp that aid to build interest when presenting about business especially for first time.


  •  Focus on the problem you’re solving.

Normally, startup owners often would rather talk about their business in terms of what they do like to much descliption. You might need to inform the information, however it’s not always interesting — especially to people who aren’t waist-deep in the business.

Try to brief up startup’s story from the perspective of user. For instance, “People are struggling when they are in toilet, so we aid them by…” Explain the pain point, then the solution of problem that you provide. Whenever possible, tell stories to help bring concepts to life.

  •  Don’t use jargon (technical term).

Jargon might make you sound claver. However, it should go without saying, but you’re a normal human same as people who are listening you, so talk like one. When you talk too many buzzwords and clichés such as game changing, rockstar team, it is going to sound naïve and fake.

Moreover, avoid any industry jargon that need a dictionary or advanced degree. You want anyone who are not just people who are in the same industry to understand and connect with what you are talking instantly.

  •  Adjust your pitch to the situation.

People tend to have a well-organised script for pitching that they have practiced in front of friends or the mirror. This pitch makes a captivating investment case. Nevertheless, there’s a time and place to use it. If you have an official investor meeting set or a big Demo Day presentation, take that chance, you need a carefully crafted and practiced pitch and get advise and suggestion as well.

However, you need to be able talk without script when you are involved in a casual conversation. In those situations, people look for a conversation with give and take; they don’t want to hear a marathon talking.

  • Don’t rattle off your resume.

A good pitch focuses on a business of what ,why you are doing it and how it is going to make a difference. Not the time promote your educational background or work experience.

Normally, potential investors will want to know what it is about you and your team so that to be able to turn an idea to be successful.

  • Don’t make crazy projections.


Some people might think that it would be impressed if they show the hockey-stick graph how the business is going to grow from one to one million users in under one years. Nonetheless, investors and experienced business man do mot want to wasted time with unrealistic, impractical growth graphic.

Just show your plan for how you’ll achieve your goal, describe why the marketplace is popular recently, and what the unique selling point or strategy that will enable you to scale, instead of throwing out to mush useless figuer that basically just randomly guess.

  • Listen.

Of course, there’s a large amount of personal pride engaged in anywhere. Nevertheless, you need to put pride aside when pitching business. You might face some potential investors, even casual acquaintances, that give tough questions. In fact, they are not attacking you personally, conversely they are just thinking about your concept from their points of view.

Do not get defensive or reactive. Firstly, good investor will instantaneously move on if you don’t appear open to feedback. Secondly, there could have valuable insights and aspect in questions. you should take the time to consider question or comment deliberately, as it could wide your mind to a new opportunity or potential trap.

  • Don’t just think about the money.

Bare in mind that pitching is like networking in general that is about building relationships. And these relationships can give more than just investments.

The point is that you never know where any talk will lead to, so appreciate each person you talk and meet and value each chance to talk about your idea. At least, it will be great practice your pitch to be perfect and learn what reflect.

Finally, remember that they won’t magically see what make you special so tell them!

 It’s better to show than tell




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So how to cope with conflicts problem in group?


After having they ways to prevent conflict in team from the previous blog, sometime it’s really unavoidable for conflict to be happen though. Having conflict make a huge impact in a team work both in general and personal.

According to John Murphy, who are executive experienced coach helping business owners, senior executives and management teams deliver what they are capable of.  People start off by recognising them as a fact of life and not a sign of weak point in their group or their management abilities. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the outcome are in direct proportion to how they cope with them.


Thus, in order to emphasise on the way to deal with group conflict here are 5 key tips to deal with conflict in another similar ways but different viewpoint and explanition from the previous one provided by Murphy

  • Having self-control.

Being in control of yourself and your emotions and feeling – a cool head is needed. Similar to the way to prevent, do not dive in at the first sign of conflict, and never when your feeling are high

  •  Go to where it comes from.

Do not discuss a matter without coming to the point – know where the beginning of the problem exists and point your energies there, not elsewhere.

Be seen as decisive and  action oriented


  • Actively listen.

Always be prepared to listen actively, not pay lip service to listening insincerely. This could be the hardest part of all if the root of conflict is a frequent offender in this space when it is easy to have  an opinion or attitude formed before hearing the story. It needs to be careful and really listen to what is being said.


  •  The sooner the better to solve

This is absolutely critical. Missing to cope with the problem early will bring about the issue to fester and grow. Moreover, for a person who are a manager, it will reflects badly like they are perceived either as weak or indecisive – not good people want to have a reputation for.

  •  Set team rules for behaviour

It is crucial to set a team rules allowing them to have general agreement to stick with. It sets rules, agreed and written by all, for example on how this team will behave in order to show top performance and achieve goal.

This way is one of the most dramatic change in form or appearance things people can do claimed by Murphy (2013).


So, what have you ever done in order to cope with conflict problem in your group project? What worked and what didn’t?



Murphy, J. (2013).  5 tips on how to deal with conflict issues in your team. Available at: http://johnmurphyinternational.com/conflict/deal-conflict-issues-team/. (Access 5 April 2014)


When you sick of conflict in team work


When we design a business, we have to work with others or work as a team, there is something that pretty much inevitable to occur that is ‘conflict’.

Because people have different point of view and opinion, and when it comes in the right set of circumstances, those differences intensify to conflict. How people deal with conflict determines whether it would work to advantage of team, or lead to its demise.Thus, it’s good to know how to prevent this situation.


Here is the ways to preventing conflict provided by Mindtools (2013)

As well as being able to handle conflict when it originates, groups need to progress ways of preventing conflict from becoming a huge damaging. Group members can train abilities, skills and behavior to undertake this. These are some of the key ways to learn on

  • Coping with the conflict as soon as possible – disregard the conflict would make it becomes worst so avoid the temptation to ignore it.
  • Having open-minded – if there have issues, its need to be cleared as soon as possible and not allowed to fester and be open to person don’t rush to judgement.
  • Practicing clear articulation – commute thoughts and ideas distinctly.
  • Practicing active listening – translatiing, paraphrasing, clarifying, questioning.
  • Practicing identifying hypothesis – always ask “why” on a usual basis.
  • Do not allowing conflict predominate personal – stick to real facts and issues, not personalities.
  • Focusing on possible and actionable resolutions – do not wast time about what can’t be changed.
  • Supporting different viewpoint and opinion – insist on upright dialog and expressing feelings.
  • Do not searching for blame – support ownership of the issue and resolution.
  • Showing respect – if the affair intensifies, should take a break to wait for emotions to subside and recover.
  • Keeping team conflict within the team – talking it outside lets conflict to make it worst and fester, without being solved with directly.

Important Points

Conflict or problem it team work can be terminated as long as it is managed and coped with correctly, directly and quickly. By admiring differences between people’s mind, being able to solve conflict when it occour, and training to prevent it, people will be able to keep up a healthy and creative group status and atmosphere. The important key is to stay open to other ideas from ideas people, assumptions, and attitudes. When group crews learn to see problem from the other side is another point of view, it opens up fresh thinking ways, which can create new and innovative resolutions, and healthy team performance.


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Our Designing a business Project – Memoby


Today I’m going to talk about our school project for Designing a business Module 2014

We had a chance to create a real business call ‘Memory’. Memoby is a special and customise box with the unique selling point that customer can have a laser painting on the lid of the box of any picture.

Anyway a topic of today focuses our first target market and why we chose this target at first.


The business ‘Memoby‘ has decided to aim the marketing efforts and ultimately the merchandise towards to parent and customize our message to the targeted group of consumers especially to pregnant people. Even though the user is parent, the buyer could be their parent themselves, their friends, their family and relative to buy this memory box as a gift which can be various in many occasion such as birthday present, give birth present, wedding present and anniversary day.

Parents have to promote and support the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development, everything of a child from infancy to adulthood so there are a lot of things happens between parents and their child including memories. Therefore we did the research by interview parent and then crack the need of the customer segment which is they really want to correct the memories of their baby that will last for a lifetime together without keeping lots of their baby’s stuff and memories separately which lead to missing valuable memory.

For Targeting, there are between 4 and 4.5 million births in the UK every year, and those parents are often prime targets, said Chris Hulse, president of Stam­ford, CT-based Madison Direct Marketing. Therefore we focus to get the opportunity form this huge market. We try to do a better job to satisfy new parents, which could lead to higher sales over time. According to Trish Adams, vice president senior target of merchandising, said about her store that her store is kind of a store for families, and especially for young families, and she just think there is further opportunity to capture a larger share from their wallet”, so do we think. Although this item for baby category is very, very competitive said by Richard Barry, merchandising officer for Toys R Us Chief, we are able to prove that our box offers is so compelling and different from other by offering customize which customer can customize their box individually such as color of the box, fur material inside and particularly we provide laser printing on cover lid of the box which could be a photograph of you baby face or your family.

This product is not only satisfied the whole needs of the family but also could be a eternal treasure for keeping memories since the baby still in mommy’s belly that will late for a life time.



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When WWF Advertising is created by kids! : Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy


When I was doing research for Conducting Collaborative Creativity project about social enterprise, which was World Wide Found for Nature (WWF), I found this campaign held by Leo Burnett agency in Italy that very interesting and creative.

People often say that children are like a white canvas with pure, they show what they really think. Along with Leo Burnett, World’s powerful creative, state that “Curiosity about life is still the secret of great creative people” then who has lots of curiosity in their mind, of course children. 

What if asking children to create advertising campaign instead of professional creative?

The campaign ‘Pets 4 Pets Project – Advertising thought by kids to get adults thinking’ was held by WWF and Leo Burnett Italy in order to put children in to the heart of a process of creating real advertising

With efficieny advertising professionals like photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers were teamed up by the project coordinator to mentor and guide elementary school students in Milan in creating TV commercials,  prints and radio advertisements in defense of wild nature. From the brief, to the Pre Production Meeting, to the shooting, to going on-air.

For all the professional creatives there has one strict rule: “never ‘contaminate’ the kids’ ideas”, just offer them the production advice they lack in order to get a hundred percent pure idea by children.

Here is amezing TV ads by children

Printed ads









The team of professionals just guided them translate their concepts into a language that adults can understand. If we take a look at the children’s’ original sketches idea and then develop to the final executions, one thing clearly stand out id that the children’s work is already 100% creatively effective. It is very good idea to cultivate the idea of conservation in children since they are young.


Somabutr, J. (2014)  Pets for Pets project by kids, old fashion creative shall  be aware!. Available at: http://www.creativemove.com/advertising/wwf-pet4pet-project/ (Access 2 April 2014).

World Wide Found for Nature. (2014) Pets for Pets project. Available at: http://www.pets4petsproject.com (Access 2 April 2014).


We can easily learn Chinese !!

Creative and Innovative are important word for designing a business.

Here is a good example to illustrate a creative business.

‘Chineasy’ is the business formed on KickStrater Website, which is an innovative channel to start a business with online platform.

Because nowadays Mandarin Language is world’s top ten languages , Taiwanese entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh launched this new business idea about learning Mandarin. She claimed that this is the easiest to learn Chinese.

Her target is aimed at learners of all ages by using a building-block principle, which aids learners become familiar with the basic characters using fun, remarkable designs and after people were educated about the foundation character then with combining it, people will be able create more complex words and simple phrases.


This creative because it devised a simplistic method for teaching English speakers to learn to read Chinese through fun and whimsical illustrations.


Not only created books but also created various kind of product line such as phone case, poster and tattoo





According to their KickStarter website, people are interested to learn Chinese. While the most of Chinese population is learning English, it is foreigner turn to comprehend this complex economy and society with their own eyes, knowledge and judgment. Knowing language is the first step still important.

Recently ‘Chineasy’ is completely successful on KickStater with 5,475 backers and £197,626 pledged of £75,000 goal.

Finally, here is when she performed on TED Talk.

Now we know that whoever has idea can create business, why not try if you have some.


Hsueh, S. (2013). Chineasy: The easiest way to learn Chinese. Available at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shaolanchineasy/chineasy-begins-0 (Access: 10 April 2014 ).